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  Tips and Tricks
1. Make multiple unique worksheets
You can easily create a different worksheet for each student in your class by creating your first worksheet, pressing your "back" button on your browser and pressing the "Create" button again to create another one from the same data. Each worksheet you create will contain the same problems, but the problems will be organized or scrambled differently.

This only applies to the following worksheet templates:

2. Save your worksheets
Save your created worksheets in your own Custom Classroom account. Register with My DiscoverySchool and select "Custom Classroom" on the form. Within minutes you will have your own account where you can save worksheets, puzzles and quizzes and access them from anywhere!
3. Save your worksheet data
If you enter the data for your worksheet into your word processor and use copy and paste to place it into the required fields on the worksheet template, you can save all your data on your computer, and it will be easily accessible when you want to create the worksheet again.
4. Use Puzzlemaker word lists
DiscoverySchool.com also has a great tool where you can make customized puzzles called Puzzlemaker. We have created pre-defined vocabulary lists for science topics, history topics and holidays. Visit our Puzzlemaker word lists section and copy and paste the word lists to create worksheets or puzzles!
5. Student created worksheets
Have students create worksheets to challenge their classmates.