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Matching WorksheetName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ physical anthropologist 1) People who are between birth and puberty.
_____ biology 2) A complete assortment of printing types of one size which allow you to choose how words will look on a typed page.
_____ matriculate 3) The number written below the line in a fraction that indicates the number of parts into which one whole is divided.
_____ sophisticated 4) Having acquired worldly knowledge or refinement; lacking natural simplicity or naiveté.
_____ God 5) A small roll of finely cut tobacco for smoking; enclosed in a wrapper of thin paper.
_____ children 6) To admit or be admitted into a group; especially a college or university.
_____ beautiful 7) To impart knowledge or skill to another person.
_____ denominator 8) One who studies human ancestry to understand how humans have biologically adapted and changed.
_____ teaching 9) A Christian feast commemorating the birth of Jesus.
_____ Christmas 10) Having qualities that delight the senses; especially the sense of sight.
_____ autograph 11) A being of supernatural powers or attributes; believed in and worshiped by a people.
_____ bold 12) Fearless and daring; courageous. In writing it means to make one word darker than the rest.
_____ cigarette 13) A person's own signature or handwriting.
_____ font 14) The science of life and of living organisms.