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Matching WorksheetName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ check 1) wildly excited by worry or fear
_____ lucky 2) a sturdy container with a round open top and flat bottom pail
_____ plastic 3) a short coat
_____ pocket 4) a game a played on ice or on a field
_____ picnic 5) a space just below the roof of a house
_____ struck 6) a party or trip for which food is taken along and eaten outside
_____ bucket 7) a device that is driven through the air
_____ hockey 8) any number of artificially made substance that can be molded and shaped into materials or objects
_____ attic 9) a snug knit covering for the foot and leg
_____ attack 10) relating to an atom or atoms or employing nuclear energy
_____ jacket 11) A U.S. coin worth five cents
_____ stocking 12) to set upon with violent force
_____ rocket 13) to give a blow or hit
_____ shriek 14) a card or piece of paper
_____ ticket 15) having or bringing good luck
_____ nickel 16) a small bag or pouch that is sewn on or into a garment
_____ frantic 17) a test or other way of finding out if something is correct or as it should be
_____ heroic 18) a loud sharp cry or sound
_____ atomic 19) having a quality or style characteristic of poetry
_____ poetic 20) very brave or courageous