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Matching WorksheetName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ collar 1) to acquire in exchange for money or its equivalent
_____ cause 2) causing fear dread or awe
_____ comet 3) a band or strap that is worn around the neck
_____ awful 4) a group of people who settle in another land
_____ congress 5) earned or gotten fairly
_____ thought 6) clear and open
_____ proper 7) an assembly of people who makes laws
_____ broad 8) a long animal with short legs
_____ caught 9) characterized by appropriateness or suitability
_____ common 10) to give ones word that something will happen
_____ fought 11) a brass musical instrument with a long slide for changing tones
_____ prompt 12) a bright heavenly body made up of ice frozen gases and dust particles having along visible tail
_____ bought 13) the act of thinking
_____ promise 14) having to do with the present or recent
_____ ought 15) past tense of catch
_____ modern 16) an obligation
_____ colony 17) the past of fight
_____ crocodile 18) to make something happen
_____ trombone 19) quick or on time
_____ honest 20) ordinary or average