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Vocabulary Test 2Name:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ beseech 1)not revealing one's opinion or purpose
_____ cavort 2)indifference to pleasure or pain; not showing emotion
_____ chores 3)deep awareness of the suffering of another coupled with the wish to relieve it
_____ compassion 4)having no useful result; without effect
_____ conspiracy 5)in a profoundly moving manner
_____ defiant 6)to spend or use wastefully
_____ degradation 7)to make a formal beginning of
_____ exhilarate 8)to leap or romp about
_____ futile 9)begging; a humble request or prayer
_____ garish 10)a filthy and wretched condition
_____ impoverished 11)awful
_____ inaugurate 12)one's relatives; family
_____ incredulous 13)stubbornly contrary; wrong; harmful
_____ infernal 14)to beg
_____ kin 15)poor
_____ noncommittal 16)bitter regret
_____ perverse 17)the state of being experienced; maturity
_____ poignantly 18)the routine duties of running a household or farm
_____ remorse 19)boldly resistant of an opposing force or authority
_____ sever 20)doubtful; disbelieving
_____ sophistication 21)a joining or acting together in a secretive way;often with wrongful motives
_____ squalor 22)to cut off
_____ squander 23)to make merry or lively
_____ stoicism 24)a decline to a lower condition; with loss of dignity
_____ supplication 25)too bright or gaudy