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Matching Quiz: Chapter 4 vocabularyName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ asexual reproduction 1) segment along DNA strand the controls traits passed from parent to offspring and directs making of proteins
_____ chromosome 2) produces a new organism from only one parent
_____ DNA 3) fat strands of DNA covered with protein that carry genetic code
_____ egg 4) carries genetic codes out of nucleus to ribosomes for making proteins
_____ fertilization 5) cell formed when egg and sperm join during fertilization
_____ gene 6)compound in chromosomes that codes and stores genetic info and controls all cell activities
_____ insulin 7) gamete produced in testes of male parent
_____ islets of Langerhans 8) new organisms are produced by joining of sex cells from two parents
_____ meiosis 9) permanent change in an organisms DNA
_____ mitosis 10) cell in pancreas that produce insulin
_____ mutation 11) cell division that produces sex cell that have only half the normal number of chromosomes
_____ RNA 12) sex cell (gamete) produced in ovaries of female parent
_____ sexual reproduction 13) substance produced by islets of Langerhans to help cells break down glucose
_____ sperm 14) cell division that produces two cells identical to the parent cell
_____ zygote 15) fusion (union) of egg and sperm during sexual reproduction