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Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ enamel 1) teeth that are crowded crooked or out of alignment, which make it more difficult to clean teeth, which can lead to other oral health problems
_____ dentin 2) when bacteria attack the bone supporting the teeth dentists may have to surgically cut out the infected portion of the gum so the bacteria can be removed
_____ pulp 3) surrounds and protects the pulp, similar to the human bone
_____ crown 4) visible portion of the tooth
_____ bicuspids 5) we get 32 of these, and they start replacing our deciduous teeth at around 6 years of age
_____ incisors 6) early stage of gum disease; occurs when bacteria eat away at gum tissue causing gums to pull away from the teeth
_____ canines 7) first teeth or baby teeth; we get 20
_____ molars 8) pointy fangs on either side of the incisors; tears food
_____ wisdom teeth 9) humans are this because we get two sets of teeth in our lifetime
_____ deciduous teeth 10) cuts food in the the front of the mouth; 4 on top jaw 4 on bottom jaw
_____ diphyodont 11) flat teeth with pronounced cusps; grinds and mashes food
_____ permanent teeth 12) the clear outer layer of the tooth; hardest substance in the huuman body
_____ gingivitis 13) does most of the chewing we get 3 sets
_____ periodontal disease 14) contains blood vessels and nerves
_____ malocclusions 15) last of the molars can crowd other teeth, often removed