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Circuits & SwitchesName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ Electric Charge 1)the particular purpose or task a circuit is designed to complete
_____ Electrical Current 2)the movement of electrons from one atom to another
_____ Electrical Load 3)the condition of having an excess or deficiency of electrons
_____ Switch 4)current that only moves in one direction
_____ AC Power Adapter 5)a device used in a circuit to temporarily store electricity
_____ Alternating Current (AC) 6)current that changes direction on a regular time interval
_____ Capacitor 7)a material that when combined with some other material can be turned into an insulator or a conductor
_____ Charge 8)the flow of electrons from one place to another
_____ Conductor 9)the control unit placed in a circuit that provides the ability to open or close the circuit
_____ Current 10)a diode that produces light when current moves through it
_____ Diode 11)a device used to limit the flow of electricity to one direction
_____ Direct Current (DC) 12)a particle that is held loosely in orbit around the atom's nucleus
_____ Electron 13)the potential of electrons or protons to attract each other
_____ Insulator 14)converts alternating current to direct current
_____ Light Emitting Diode (LED) 15)a material that does not let electricity flow through it
_____ Resistor 16)a type of switch that contains no moving parts and uses electricity to turn itself on and off
_____ Transistor 17)any material that allows electrons to flow through it
_____ Semiconductor 18)a device that impedes the flow of electrons