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Computer Terms TestName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ Command 1) a piece of hardware that displays text and graphics from a computer.
_____ Cursor 2) a piece of hardware that produces a paper copy of information from a computer.
_____ Hardware 3) a piece of hardware connected to a computer and used to enter information and instructions.
_____ Floppy disk 4) a piece of hardware for data storage consisting of a rigid hard case surrounding a flexible disk on which the data is stored.
_____ Diskette 5) a group of computers connected together to share information and/or hardware.
_____ Fonts 6) a piece of hardware that links your computer to other computers and information services.
_____ Keyboard 7) a list of commands from which you may choose.
_____ Menu 8) an instruction that causes a computer to perform a task.
_____ Modem 9) a flexible disk that stores computer data.
_____ Monitor 10) the styles of type available on a computer.
_____ Mouse 11) a hand held device used to move or select items on a screen.
_____ Network 12) any part of a computer system that you can see or touch.
_____ Printer 13) a flashing symbol on the computer screen that shows where the information you enter will appear.
_____ Software 14) a set of electronic instructions that tells a computer what to do.