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Matching WorksheetName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ woman 1) an adult female person
_____ even 2) a narrow piece of cloth
_____ kitten 3) allowing movement in
_____ bottom 4) a deep red color
_____ custom 5) a cause or motive
_____ open 6) the lowest part
_____ person 7) a small flat round item used to fasten objects together
_____ reason 8) a belief based on what a person thinks
_____ happen 9) a large juicy fruit that has a heavy green rind
_____ lesson 10) a large heavy gun that is mounted on wheels or some other heavy base
_____ button 11) a place where fruits and vegtables grow
_____ garden 12) a way or style of doing something
_____ cannon 13) to take place
_____ problem 14) a baby feline
_____ ribbon 15) the same or equal
_____ horizon 16) a man, woman, or child
_____ crimson 17) something to be learned
_____ watermelon 18) an imaginary beast that is supposed to look like a giant lizard with claws and wings
_____ dragon 19) a question to be thought about and answered
_____ opinion 20) the line where the sky and ground seem to meet