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Geography TermsName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ Bay 1) low land with moist soil and tall grass.
_____ bluff 2) line on a mountain above which it is too cold for trees to grow.
_____ canyon 3) body of water with land on all sides.
_____ coast 4) area of water and fertile land in a desert.
_____ delta 5) deep narrow valley with steep sides.
_____ desert 6) area of water were ships can dock safely near land.
_____ foothill 7) high steep face of rock or earth
_____ glacier 8) area of high flat land with steep sides.
_____ gulf 9) hill area at the base of a mountain.
_____ harbor 10) flat mountain top with steep sides.
_____ island 11)body of water that is part of a Sea or an Ocean and is partly enclosed by land
_____ lake 12) steep drop from a high place to a lower place in a stream or river.
_____ marsh 13) opening in the Earth often raised through which lava can flow.
_____ mesa 14)land that is almost completely surrounded by water.
_____ oasis 15) low land between hills or mountains.
_____ penisula 16) body of salt water smaller than an ocean.
_____ plateau 17) triangle shaped area of land at the mouth of a river.
_____ river 18) land along a sea or ocean.
_____ sea 19) large stream of water that flows across land
_____ timberline 20) land that has water on all sides.
_____ valley 21) similar to a bay but larger.
_____ volcano 22) dry land with few plants.
_____ waterfall 23) large ice mass that moves slowly down a mountain or across land.