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Matching-Voc-Gila MonstersName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ rescues 1)sudden wild rushings of frightened herds of animals.
_____ collapse 2)large poisonous lizards found in desert regions of the southwestern US and northern Mexico
_____ sewers 3)sharp metal pieces worn on the heels of a rider's boots
_____ underneath 4) to fall in or break down
_____ sandwiches 5)two or more slices of bread with meat or cheese or some other filling between them
_____ restaurant 6)a sausage made of pork or beef and spices
_____ subway 7)strong leather coverings worn over pants
_____ gila monsters 8)the dried pod of a plant used to make a hot spice
_____ buffaloes 9)the main law officer of a county
_____ chaps 10)in a lower place or position than or on the underside of
_____ spurs 11)a place where food is prepared and served to customers at tables by a waiter or waitress
_____ bandanna 12)large handkerchief with a brightly colored pattern on it
_____ sheriff 13)a railroad under the ground
_____ salami 14)North American wild oxen or bison
_____ chili 15)very large birds that have a sharp hooked beak and long sharp claws
_____ buzzards 16) pipes or channels under the ground
_____ stampedes 17) saves