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Arizona Ghost TownsName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ Gleeson 1) Junction of I-17 named for mining town south of Mayer.
_____ Stoddard 2) Ghost town northwest of Kingman that is named for mountain range.
_____ Cerro Colorado 3) Town south of Why; former silver mine; once called Allen.
_____ Reymert 4) Site of Hermosa Mine and cemetery located south of Patagonia.
_____ Total Wreck 5) Name of early mine south of Pantano.
_____ Lochiel 6) Ghost town of ___ on the Agua Fria east of Mayer.
_____ Cerbat 7) Ghost town named for mines southwest of Superior located at the end of Superstitions.
_____ Gunsight 8) Copper and turquoise once mined in this town east of Tombstone.
_____ Salero 9) Town name acronym for Southern Arizona Smelting Co.
_____ Harshaw 10) Gateway to Mexico that is east of Nogales where de Niza crossed into Arizona.
_____ Mowry 11) Town name means "salt cellar" located west of Patagonia.
_____ Sasco 12) Southwest of Tucson which was the location of Poston and Heintzelman's mines.
_____ Ruby 13) Mining town southeast of Arivaca which is 30 miles from Nogales.
_____ Cordes 14) Site of Patagonia Mine located southeast of that city.