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Arizona Ghost TownsName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ Cleator 1) Housed the first school in Cochise County.
_____ Oatman 2) Destroyed by fire is located 3 miles from new town of the same name.
_____ Bouse 3) Town northwest of Patagonia formerly called Plomo.
_____ Stanton 4) Ghost town southwest of Tombstone on San Pedro River.
_____ Pearce 5) This ghost town that was once popular with miners is east of Congress and Yarnell.
_____ Signal 6) Town in Mohave County noted for its roaming burro population.
_____ Alto 7) Ghost town in Bradshaw Mountains that is formerly called Turkey.
_____ Charleston 8) Former gold-rich town in Cochise County.
_____ Octave 9) Town between Salome and Parker that was once called Brayton.
_____ Dos Cabezas 10) Ghost town on Agua Fria Rover near Tip Top Mine site.
_____ Gillette 11) Old mining town in Buckskin Mountains that shipped ore to Wales for smeltering.
_____ Old Congress 12) Town southwest of Prescott that was once called Antelope Station.
_____ Swansea 13) Early mercantile center of Nohave County that was beneath Elephant's Tooth.