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Julie and the Bug BoysName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ manners 1) being unlike or different
_____ Bug Boys 2) our visiting singer
_____ concert 3) the actions people exhibit under certain conditions
_____ monster 4) the quality of being strong
_____ singing 5) these fellows sing with Julie
_____ Julie Monroe 6) a person or thing preferred over others
_____ strength 7) advice or other communication sent to another person
_____ pride 8) a good opinion of oneself
_____ safety 9) sounds spoken and heard or the symbols written and read by humans to express emotions and ideas
_____ kindness 10) a way of behaving politely to others
_____ message 11) to take part or have a share with others
_____ self-esteem 12) the condition of being kind
_____ healthy 13) a musical show
_____ favorite 14) related to or used to make music
_____ musical 15) having or showing good health
_____ language 16) something scary or frightening
_____ guitarist 17) one who plays a guitar
_____ participate 18) a proper sense of one's own worth
_____ diversity 19) the act of making music with your voice
_____ behaviors 20) freedom from danger or injury