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UnitVI Chp4 Elections, Ballots and VotersName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ electorate 1)political power
_____ apathetic 2)voters with similar characteristics tend to vote in the same way
_____ bloc voting 3)candidates do not run with a party affiliate
_____ political efficacy 4)representative democracy
_____ disenfranchised 5)people eligible to vote
_____ gerrymandering 6)feeling of indifference
_____ direct democracy 7)not allowed to vote such as the mentally ill and convicted felons
_____ indirect 8)right to vote
_____ nonpartisan 9)citizens participate directly in the making of the laws and in governing the area in which they live
_____ closed primary 10)voters may vote for a party that they aren't registered with
_____ open primary 11)requires a primary candidate to win a majority of the votes
_____ run off primary 12)voters must vote in their chosen party affiliate
_____ plurality 13)you were allowed to vote without taking a literacy test if you could prove your grandfather voted
_____ suffrage 14)more votes than any other candidate
_____ grandfather clause 15)practice of drawing election districts on the map so that a particular party or group of voters has an advantage in winning elections