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Animal Environments Part IName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ camouflage 1)sleeping during the entire winter
_____ fawn 2)an environment for animals containing much food and shelter but is a busy place with people and buildings
_____ chameleon 3)an animal that can actually change its color to hide from enemies
_____ hibernate 4)environment for animals that has more life than any other and has four main layers
_____ lodge 5)usually the biggest animal one would find in a city
_____ South America 6)Where is the largest rainforest located?
_____ harpy eagle 7)One fourth of all mammals is this type of animal
_____ fox 8)describes animals who move mainly at night and can "see" in the dark
_____ rainforest 9)Which animal can carry a monkey (this animal lives at the top layer of a rainforest)
_____ city 10)animals in northern regions have this on their bodies to keep them warm
_____ northern forests 11)enables animals to blend with their background and avoid being seen by their enemies
_____ nocturnal 12)a baby deer
_____ bat 13)environment for animals that is an extremely cold place and has the fewest number of animals because of the harsh climate
_____ termite 14)what a beaver's home is called
_____ thick fur coat 15)an insect that lives in the city and will eat almost anything