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Mythology Matching WorksheetName:__________________
Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ Hera 1) God of shepherds
_____ Zeus 2) Angry with Zeus for locking the Titans in Tartarus
_____ Atlas 3) God of war-half brother fo Athena-admired by Aphrodite
_____ Gaea 4) God of merrymaking and good times
_____ Typhon and Echidna 5)Was turned into a spider for insulting the gods
_____ Hera 6) Blood of the gods; it made them immortal
_____ Hades 7) Brother of Zeus and lord of the dead - Never went to Olympus
_____ Hephaestus 8) Servant of Hera; commemorated by the spots on a peacock's tail
_____ Aphrodite 9) Ruler of the seas
_____ Ares 10) Goddess of wisdom-daughter of Metis and Zeus
_____ Athena 11) Spirit of strife
_____ Arachne 12) Two monsters sent by Mother Earth to fight Zeus
_____ Poseidon 13) Queen of the Gods
_____ Hermes 14) Zeus' first wife
_____ Persephone and Demeter 15) Became the lord of the universe after Cronus
_____ Argus 16) Caused the change of the seasons
_____ Dionysus 17) Only god to have neither mother nor father
_____ Eris 18) Skilled craftsman-made jewelry for Aphrodite
_____ ichor 19) Punished by having to hold the vault of the sky on his back