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Match the words in the first column to the best available answer in the second column.


_____ amplitude 1) entire range of radiation from x-ray to radio waves.
_____ concave 2) passes some light through
_____ convex 3) top of a wave.
_____ opaque 4) place where light rays meet.
_____ laser 5) the reason you can see yourself in a mirror
_____ Radio 6) bending of light as it travels through different materials.
_____ transparent 7) bends sunlight into the colors of the rainbow.
_____ transverse 8) invisible radiation having the longest wavelength.
_____ reflection 9) scientific name for light waves.
_____ crest 10) curved inward like a spoon.
_____ trough 11) to see an image on a flat smooth surface.
_____ reflect 12) the colors of white light as seen in a rainbow.
_____ light 13) allows us to see.
_____ wavelength 14) light go through this type of material.
_____ focal point 15) distance from crest to crest of a wave.
_____ translucent 16) height of a wave
_____ refraction 17) curved outward.
_____ Electromagnetic spectrum 18) light can not go or pass through this type of material.
_____ spectrum 19) to bend light
_____ refract 20) lowest part of a wave.
_____ prism 21) narrow beam of light made of one wavelength.