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Teaching ToolsLesson Planner
DiscoverySchool's Lesson Planner
Lesson Planner will help organize your busy classroom. Now you can create and store your lesson plans in your Custom Classroom account! Edit, print or download your lesson plan to your computer with a click of the mouse. Even more — link to puzzles, worksheets and quizzes that you have created with the teacher tools on DiscoverySchool.com!
To save your lesson plans, you need to register with Custom Classroom. For information, click here.
Create and store your lesson plans online!
Create a Lesson Plan
Start from scratch to create a customized lesson plan.
View a Lesson Plan
View a lesson plan from your library of customized lesson plans.
Edit/Delete Lesson Plans
Edit all or part of a lesson plan or delete a lesson plan from your library.
Print/Download a Lesson Plan
Print or download a lesson plan to your personal computer.