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Learning Adventures
Cleopatra's Palace
Get the inside scoop on this legendary queen.
The Dirt on Soil
Find out what's really going on down there.
Explore Galapagos
Meet weird, wonderful creatures like the blue-footed booby.
Planet Ocean
Take an underwater dive with barracudas and tubeworms.
Salem Witch Trials
Learn the truth behind these terrible trials.
The Search for Ancient Sharks
Meet the terrifying ancestors of today's sharks.
Space-Age Living
See how 16 countries are building one base in space.
Understanding Slavery
Read personal accounts, witness an auction, and gain a global view.
Understanding the Universe
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to make sense of space.
Women of the Century
Get to know 100 years of phenomenal women.
Woolly Mammoth
Test your Ice Age I.Q., and see if you can beat extinction.