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Finalists & Winners
2006 Finalists

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Almas Abdulla

Nicholas Anthony

Shalila Baena

Aaron Burrows

Joseph Church

David Cohn, III

Amy David

Isabella Dominguez

Cyanna Skye Edwards

Erin Edwards

Shilpi Ganguly

Jack Grundy

Anthony Hennig

Jacob Hurwitz

Otana Jakpor

Taylor Jones

Theo Jones

Nolan Kamitaki

Manpreet Kaur

Sophie Klimcak

Nicholas Lemp

Jason Lloyd

Mikael Matossian

Collin McAliley

Jayleen McAlpine

Kushal Naik

Theresa Oei

William Pete

Lindsey Precht

Mackensie Quade

Radhika Rawat

Philip Ricker

Michael Sewell

Aarthi Shankar

David Tao

Jayne Thompson

Paige Thompson

Joel Tinker

Trevor van Voorthuijsen

Scott Yu

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Jayleen is involved in several different sports, including track, basketball, volleyball, and swimming. She also is a member of the 4-H Club. She hopes to become an animal trainer someday. She says, "I grew up around animals, and so now I love them."
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After a family member died of cigarette-related causes, Jayleen wondered whether littered cigarette butts and filters could harm other organisms in the environment. She hypothesized that nicotine in butts and filters would increase an animal's heart rate and decrease its lifespan. Jayleen decided to test her hypothesis in Daphnia, a tiny freshwater crustacean.
Jayleen recorded baseline heart rates for six Daphnia. She then added two smoked cigarette filters to a gallon of spring water and two unsmoked filters to a second gallon. She added groups of Daphnia to these solutions and monitored their life spans and heart rates. Although she didn't see any significant change in heart rate, Jayleen found that the daphnia exposed to the cigarette filter solutions died significantly faster than those living in spring water.

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