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Finalists & Winners
2006 Finalists

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Almas Abdulla

Nicholas Anthony

Shalila Baena

Aaron Burrows

Joseph Church

David Cohn, III

Amy David

Isabella Dominguez

Cyanna Skye Edwards

Erin Edwards

Shilpi Ganguly

Jack Grundy

Anthony Hennig

Jacob Hurwitz

Otana Jakpor

Taylor Jones

Theo Jones

Nolan Kamitaki

Manpreet Kaur

Sophie Klimcak

Nicholas Lemp

Jason Lloyd

Mikael Matossian

Collin McAliley

Jayleen McAlpine

Kushal Naik

Theresa Oei

William Pete

Lindsey Precht

Mackensie Quade

Radhika Rawat

Philip Ricker

Michael Sewell

Aarthi Shankar

David Tao

Jayne Thompson

Paige Thompson

Joel Tinker

Trevor van Voorthuijsen

Scott Yu

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Shilpi enjoys performing Indian dance and reading. She's considering becoming a doctor someday because it "gives me many options."
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After Shilpi's grandfather was diagnosed with cancer, she learned that iron deficiency from blood loss might be one of the first signs of intestinal cancer. She wondered whether it might be possible to develop an easy, inexpensive, and accurate test for iron deficiency that people can perform at home. After researching the subject, she found that people with iron deficiency might have reddish urine after eating beets, a condition called beeturia.
Shilpi recruited 15 people with low blood concentrations of iron and 15 people with normal iron concentrations from a local doctor's office. She had each volunteer eat a whole beet root at dinnertime. Then, the next morning, each person reported whether his or her urine had a reddish tint. Shilpi found that 11 volunteers in the low-iron group had red urine, but only one in the normal-iron group did. These results suggest that eating beets may be an effective method for early detection of an iron deficiency.

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