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Invention: Suggest a Solution and Explain Why It Should Work

Using their research, they should propose an idea for solving the problem. Note that sometimes factors such as size, safety or limited time require that the invention be a model. (e.g. improving a bridge design.) Once the model proves that the solution can work, the student’s project is complete. But in real life, the solution could be expanded to a larger scale and applied to the real world.

  • I could use some kind of wheel to move the heavy load. Perhaps adding wheels to my backpack would help.
  • People train dogs not to bark using “negative feedback” so that the dog associates things it doesn’t like with barking.
  • The new fiber optic technology allows light to be bent. But I don’t have access to fiber optics. Mirrors also bend light and can be used.
  • Cool things absorb heat. Insulation keeps heat from transferring. I can insulate my juice box. I could also keep something even colder next to it.
  • Some kinds of cloth can “dampen” sound. Can we hang cloth on the walls or from the ceiling to dampen the sound in the cafeteria?
  • People need to be reminded to help them change their habits. Will a “no paper” sign on the trash can be enough to get them to change?