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How to Create a Winning Science Fair Display Board

Your display can reflect your personality:

Is every inch of my locker or bedroom covered with magazine clippings, posters, stickers, and sticky notes? Or am I more of a minimalist? What’s my idea of a good time: scrapbooking or skateboarding? Is the presentation the part of the science fair I’ve been waiting for, or is that the part I dread?

Stand Out from the Crowd

Whether they’re the kind of person who loves to design and decorate and dabble with computer graphics, or the one who always opts for the standard black-and-white report cover, this is a time for students to get creative. The stakes are high here and they’ll want their personality to shine through.

Students should read the helpful hints for tips on getting started as well as some Do's-and-Dont's. They can learn how to edit their text down to the essentials, pick and choose the best photos and graphics, and display them all in the most clear and compelling way possible. Through creative use of color, type and graphic elements, your students can make their ideas pop and bring their projects to life.