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Validate Topic

As students select their topic and form their questions, they will need further guidance.

Have them think about their project in terms of:

Time: will the investigation or building the design take more than the time allotted between now and the science fair?
Materials: can you obtain the materials that will be required? Will the cost be too much?
Safety: are the tools and other materials safe for you to use? Will an adult be available to help with anything that might not be safe for you to do alone? Are any of the materials ones that someone could be allergic to?
Appropriateness: is the topic something that you can understand? Will the research require you to read things that are too hard?
Animal care: if you are going to do anything with animals, will they be kept safe? Will you be putting anyone in danger who is allergic to the animals?
  • Once the student has identified and validated a project idea, she can go step-by-step through the Science Fair Project Process: Science Fair Projects