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Coordinating a Science Fair

Are you a non-science person in charge of planning a science fair?

No need to panic—your job is to coordinate the fair, not do chemistry. You’ll find all the tools and tips you need on this website.

Are you a science teacher planning your first-ever science fair? You’ll need top-notch organizational skills, or a trusty assistant or co-chair (maybe both!) to help keep everything in check. Find someone with complementary skills and you’ll be a winning team. Often, this is a good opportunity to bring in a parent you trust who can commit to the time and who will be unbiased in working with students and other parents.

Regardless of your expertise or comfort level, look to the Science Fair Coordinator’s Checklist to steer you through all the necessary steps.

  • Why Do a Science Fair?

    Science fairs teach about more than students learning about their favorite science content. Learn why these events strengthen a variety of important skills.

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  • Types of Projects

    One of your first decisions will be which types of projects to have at the fair. Learn the difference between investigations and inventions and decide which is best for your students.

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  • Science Fair Coordinator's Checklist

    Planning a science fair is a big job, but a rewarding one. This checklist will help you make sure you haven’t forgotten anything as you work your way through a challenging process.

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  • Parent Letter

    Parents play an important role in supporting their children throughout the duration of the science fair process. Send this customizable letter home with your students to show them how they can participate.

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  • Science Fair Judging Criteria

    Judging worksheets and scoring systems vary from fair to fair, but most follow similar criteria. This section will help you understand what the judges will be looking for.

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  • Project Display Checklist

    This helpful checklist will make sure your students’ projects are ready to shine in front of the judges.

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