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The Mammoth Saga

Enjoy a virtual exhibition of mammoths and other Ice Age plants and animals, based on the Swedish Museum of Natural History's recent show. This site offers links to information on the mammoth, including how it adapted to cold weather and theories of extinction. Also has links to images of mammoth skeletons, plus further reading.

Mammoth Site Museum

Tour the United States' premier woolly mammoth site (paleontological site, that is): Hot Springs, South Dakota, where a dry sinkhole claimed the lives of mammoths and other Ice Age animals 26,000 years ago.

Ice Age Mammals

This illustrated site for kids has lots of general information, written in easy-to-understand prose. Includes basic stuff like "What is a mammal?" plus a breakdown of the whole Pleistocene epoch, when the last Ice Age occurred.

Animals of Berengia

This is a great overview for kids of some of the most interesting animals that roamed North America during the last Ice Age. Berengia is the area now comprising Alaska, Yukon, and part of the Northwest Territories, and was home to such curious creatures as Jefferson's ground sloth and the giant beaver.

And as a bonus, real live books:

By Adrian Lister and Paul Bahn
New York: Macmillan, 1994

This beautifully illustrated book is perhaps the most comprehensive book out there about the origins, life, and extinction of mammoths. Lister is one of the world's leading authorities on these animals, and Bahn brings his archaeological expertise to the question of how mammoths and early humans interacted. A must-have mammoth reference book.

Atlas of the Prehistoric World
By Douglas Palmer
New York: Random House, 1999

Enjoy a dynamic portrait of Earth's turbulent past with this visual history of our planet's formation and transformations. Each chapter of time features stunning illustrations and detailed maps and timelines that make it easy to trace the relationship between Earth's geological evolution and the development of life.