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Mammoth Migration Map
Migration Map

Not all mammoths were woolly, you know. There were four species that settled in different parts of the world. The map above shows how they made it from Africa to North America (reload the page if you want to see it again). Click on the circles to learn more about each species.

When did this all happen? A long, long time ago. Take alook at our timelineto see where mammoths fit in the big scheme of things. Be sure to look at the top of the timeline, too?those weird names in all caps are the names scientists have given to the ancestors of mammoths and today's elephants:

Moeritherium ?This small, pig-like creature was the first of the elephant line. It had no trunk or tusks.
Phiomia ?Not much bigger thanmoeritherium, phiomiadid have the beginnings of a trunk and tusks on its lower jaw.
Deinotherium ?The first elephant ancestor with a real trunk and tusks, which curved downward.
Stegodon?Large with long, straight tusks, stegodon looked much like today's elephants.
American mastodon?This contemporary of woolly mammoth lived in North America and had a shaggy coat.