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Imagine that you could hop aboard a spaceship that traveled the speed of light. Well, youíll have to imagine it, because itís impossibleóbut thatís what imagination is for! So all aboard the Seeker 2000, bound for the outer edges of the universe. You can help by figuring out how far youíll go and how long it will take to reach different places. Like all astronomers, you'll need sharp math skills to determine distances in space, so grab a calculator and let's go!

Note: Long division is boring once you know how to do it, so use a pocket calculator if you can. You can round off all the answers to the first two digits. A million is 1 followed by six zeros (1,000,000), a billion has nine zeros (1,000,000,000), and a trillion has 12 zeros (1,000,000,000,000).

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