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Web Sites
Books about the ISS
The International Space Stationby Franklyn Mansfield Branley (New York: HarperCollins, 2000)
The International Space Stationby Wolfgang Englehardt (Nürnberg, Germany: Tessloff Publishers, 1998)
International Space Station: A Space Mission (Countdown to Space)by Michael D. Cole (Berkeley Heights, NJ: Enslow Publishers, Inc., 1999)
Space Station Scienceby Marianne J. Dyson (New York: Scholastic Inc., 1999)
Web Sites on the Space Station
Life in Space
Don?t miss this site from, developed to complement the television series,Inside the Space Station. Students will find interactive features, such as ?Your Body in Space? and ?Life-in-Space Firsts.? They can also explore the Video Gallery, get up-to-date news, track live events, and more.
NASA: International Space Station
This is the official site for the ISS, including news, a gallery, virtual tours, a reference library, plus all the information on the station?s benefits, science, and assembly.
ISS Assembly Sequence
This timeline from NASA is a great resource, listing all the ISS space missions and the important components involved in each one.
Earth from Space: Astronauts? Views of the Home Planet
From Earth, the ISS will look like a star in the sky. Find out how we?ll look to the astronauts aboard the station! Search by cities, landscapes, weather, and more.
City in Space: International Space Station
Check out the interactive spacesuit, go inside mission control, inspect the three-dimensional models of the station, and more.
Spacelink Resources: Living and Working in Space
Here is a wealth of educational resources from NASA about how humans adapt to live and work in the realm of microgravity.

Free Falling: Zero Gravity Explained
Students will find several interactive Shockwave activities that explain why Earth?s orbit feels like a ?weightless? environment.
Space Station Gallery
These collections provide images and videos of the space station, its many components, and the international crews who will live aboard the ISS.
ISS Research Plan
This site outlines the purpose of the International Space Station: how microgravity will serve as a revolutionary tool?or a new variable; how research aboard the station could lead to industrial improvements, medical advances, and new products; and how the ISS is an integral part of future exploration.
Living in Space
Learn what astronauts wear during space walks, and how they sleep, eat, and shower aboard the station.

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