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Size 360 feet across,
290 feet long
Weight About 1 million pounds
Estimated cost More than $60 billion
Date of completion April 2006
Assembly flights 46
Time to orbit Earth 90 minutes
Speed 17,500 miles per hour

Climb aboardthe very first component of the space station!
Download the free IPIX plug-in.

The International Space Station (ISS) will be a little “city in space” orbiting 250 miles above the Earth. About the size of two football fields, the space station will be a place where people from around the world can live and study in space over long periods of time. The many modules of the station—from its laboratories to living quarters to power sources—will be constructed in space.
The ISS is the most ambitious and expensive construction project ever attempted, but it will someday serve as a stepping-stone for future space exploration.


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