Name: William M. Shepherd
Nickname: Shep
Age: 51
Claim to fame: Commander, Expedition 1, International Space Station
Previous spaceflights: Three shuttle missions, totaling 440 hours in space
Past life: Navy SEAL
Beloved pet: Jake, a two-year-old Labrador retriever
Likes: Tinkering. “I was always in trouble with my dad as a kid because I took stuff apart that I couldn’t get back together again. I’m looking forward to finding out where I can do that on the station without getting into trouble again.”
Window time: “I think people get very blasť about looking out the window from orbit. I’m hoping we will have the resources aboard to enable us to pull up detailed maps so we can get more out of it.”
Taking along: Not sure. “I packed the CDs and the books up so long ago, I can’t remember them all. One book I do have is The Sand Pebbles. It’s about a Navy guy in China on a gunboat.”
Sees himself: As a builder. “When I was little I used to cut up two-by-fours and make little boats. I’m still in the boat-building business. It’s just in orbit.”
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