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The Dirt on Soil Down & Dirty Field Guide Soil Safari



A Handful of Dirtby Raymond Bial (Walker & Co., 2000).

The Science of Soilby Jonathan Bocknek (Gareth Stevens Pub., 1999).

Earthworms, Dirt, and Rotten Leaves: an exploration in ecologyby Molly McLaughlin (Atheneum, 1986).

Secrets of the Soilby Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird (Harper & Row, 1989).

Web Sites

Living Soil
Groups and describes soil organisms based on their sizes and ecological functions. Links to detailed explanation of soil structure.

The Microbe Zoo: Dirtland
Playful look at the ecological functions of soil microbes and the habitats they occupy.

Soil Biological Communities
Looks at the major groups of soil organisms living in open rangeland in the American West.

Soil Biology Primer
Online version of printed publication with details about the importance of soil organisms in building and maintaining healthy soil.

Soil (Britannica),5716,117551+1,00.html
In-depth discussion of soil formation and its physical characteristics.

Underground Adventure
Virtual exhibit at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History. Tour the museum exhibit, meet underground creatures, and learn how to do soil experiments.

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