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The Dirt on Soil Down & Dirty Field Guide Soil Safari


The Dirt on Soilwas written and produced by Educational Web Adventures (Eduweb®).

Photo Credits

Beetle mite. Photograph courtesy of V. Behan-Pelletier and B. Eamer.

Tunneling Mole. Photograph courtesy of Point Pelee National Park, Canada.

Bacterium. Photograph by Tomoki Takahashi.

Night Crawler. Photograph by Jon C. Glase Ph.D.

Lava Flow. Photograph courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey.

Endomycorrhizae fungus. Photograph by Dr. E.R. Ingham.

Soil in hands. Photograph by USDA/Larry Rana.

Nematode head. Photograph by Sven Boström.

Nemotode (Round Worm). Photograph by Ana Luisa Child.

Surface of Mars. Photograph courtesy of NASA.

Ameoba Proteus. Photograph by Yuuji Tsukii.

Soil horizons. Photograph courtesy of Saskatchewan Interactive/Dr. Jeff Bettany.

Glacier. Photograph courtesy John Allison.

Rainforest. Photograph courtesy Steven Allison-Bunnell.

Granite, cave, and lichen images from ArtToday

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