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Summer Sky Watch 1999
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Star Clusters—Two clusters yield secrets of star birth in the early universe.
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What do you see when you look up at the night sky? A jumbled mass of stars? The Big Dipper? Do you know the difference between a planet and a star? Here’s your chance to dazzle your friends and family with your star power. Uncover the mysteries of the night sky with an entire year’s worth of sky events. So spend more time outdoors and enjoy a new hobby—stargazing!
How to see the Stars

Learn all about celestial navigation.

Get cool tips for observing the sky.

Look up the lingo in our Astro Terms.

Make your own planisphere!


Find a planetarium on the Internet.
Sky Events Schedule

Discover a mythological constellation in your own backyard.

Find out what’s happening in the sky this month and how to see it with your own eyes—star charts included!

See if you’re up to our Observation Challenge of the month.

Sky Stories

Explore the ancient stories of how constellations came to be. Learn all about Virgo, Scorpius and more!

Special Guest Expert
Read what our guest had to say about the eclipse of ’99.

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