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If you have a modem connection, this movie may take several minutes to preload. For classroom use, we recommend downloading the movie onto your desktop before viewing. PC users: right-click the link below and save it to your hard drive. Mac users: click and hold the link below to save it to your hard drive. Use Stuffit Expander (included with most Mac systems) to decode the movie if you see “.hqx” in the filename once it downloads. On both PCs and MACs, be sure to save the movie as a “source” file if you have the option. If after downloading the movie you are unable to find it on your desktop, it may have automatically saved to another location on your hard drive. Just search for a file named “salemwitchtrials” and you should find it.
Download PC movie (1961K ZIP archive).
Download MAC movie (2771K Stuffit archive).
A folder named “SalemWitchTrials” will appear on your desktop once the movie is properly extracted. Open the file named “open-in-browser.html” from within your favorite Web browser and the movie will play.
Click here for the free Flash plug-in.