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Web Sites
Beyond the Burning Time by Kathryn Lasky (Scholastic, 1996)
The Devil in Massachusetts by Marion L. Starkey (Doubleday, 1949)
The Devil in Salem Village: The Story of the Salem Witchcraft Trials by Laurel Van der Linde (Millbrook Press, 1992)
I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem by Maryse Conde (University Press of Virginia, 1992)
In the Days of the Salem Witch Trials by Marilynne K. Roach (Houghton Mifflin, 1996)
Narratives of the Witchcraft Cases: 1648-1707 edited by George L. Burr (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1914)
Salem Possessed: The Social Origins of Witchcraft by Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum. (Harvard University Press, 1974)
The Salem Witchcraft Papers edited by Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum. (Da Capo Press, 1977)
Web Sites
Witchcraft in Salem Village
This site provides a wealth of primary source documents, from trial transcripts to rare books, and historical maps of Salem Village. Also features a helpful Q&A with the town archivist for Danvers (formerly Salem Village).
Famous American Trials: Salem Witchcraft Trials 1692
Find a chronology of events, images, select trial transcripts and petitions, biographies, excerpts from Cotton Mather's Memorable Providences, and more.
Salem Witchcraft Hysteria (National Geographic)
Experience the events of 1692 through the eyes of an accused witch.
Map of Salem Village: Witchcraft Accusations
An interactive map showing the locations of the accused and the accusers, as well as major roads, rivers, townships, and households.
The Salem Witch Trials 1692: A Chronology of Events
A brief timeline of the events of 1692 in Salem Village.