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Prehistoric Shark Gallery Tour the Ancient Seas Make Your Own Shark
The American Museum of Natural History
The Search for Ancient Sharks
Tour the vibrant warm waters to the north Pucapampella Diaphorostoma Leptocoelia Leptocoelia Leptocoelia Australosprifer Chonetes Schuchertella Bainella Burmeisteria Metacryphaeus Oosthuizenella Move your mouse around the illustration to learn about other creatures that lived during the Devonian period some 350 million years ago in the cold, shallow southern ocean that covered what is now the Falkland Islands.

When you're done exploring the Southern Hemisphere creatures, take a look back at the more vibrant warm waters to thenorth.

P R E H I S T O R I C   S H A R K S

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Pictures: D.W. Miller
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