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The American Museum of Natural History
The Search for Ancient Sharks
Dunkleosteus Stethacanthus Archaeopteris Hynerpeton Bothriolepis Elpistostege Archaeopteris Eusthenopteron Diplacanthus Alaspis Sawdonia Heliophrentis Stylonurus Michelinoceras Dolocrinus Cladoselache Move your mouse around the illustration to learn about creatures that lived during the Devonian period some 350 million years ago at about the same time asPucapampella, the mysterious little shark that scientists are looking for in the Falklands.

Most of these flora and fauna thrived in the warm seas of the Northern Hemisphere. Species were different in the cold water fauna of the south, around what is now the Falkland Islands, and wherePucapampellalived. On February 14, we'll unveil a second explorable illustration, this one of the cold waters near what is now Antarctica.

Explore our second illustration of the ancient cold waters near the Falklands.

P R E H I S T O R I C   S H A R K S

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