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Suggested Reading

Coral Reef: A City that Never Sleepsby Mary M. Cerullo and Jeffrey L. Rotman (Cobblehill, 1996)

Down to a Sunless Sea: The Strange World of Hydrothermal Vents(Ocean Explorer Series) by Kate Madin (Steck-Vaughn Company, 2000)

Eyewitness Books: Fishby Steve Parker, et al. (Dorling Kindersley Ltd., 2000)

Eyewitness Books: Oceanby Miranda Macquitty, Frank Greenway (Dorling Kindersley Ltd., 1995)

Questions and Answers about Sharksby Ann McGovern, et al. (Scholastic, 1995)

See and Explore Library: Sharks and Other Monsters of the Deepby Philip Steele, Martin Camm (Illustrator) (Dorling Kindersley Ltd., 1998)

Shark Lady: True Adventures of Eugenie Clarkby Ann McGovern (Scholastic, 1998)

Whales and Dolphins (Look into Nature)by Steve Parker (Sierra Club Books for Children, 1994)


Deep Sea Vents
Black Smokers at Juan de Fuca Ridge
Everything you ever wanted to know about black smokers and the animals that live there at this excellent American Museum of Natural History website.

Dive and Discover: Expeditions to the Seafloor
Take a virtual tour with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, the place which pioneered trips to hydrothermal vents in its deep sea submersible, Alvin.

Nova Online: Into the Abyss
Track scientists attempts to bring up huge black smoker chimneys from a mile and a half below the sea.

Marine Life
Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution's Bioluminescence pages
Discover how thousands of ocean animals make their own light. Very cool pictures, too.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Meet the animals who live in the deep sea at the E-quarium.

The Ocean
The Evergreen Project: Oceans
Ever want to know why the ocean's blue? Well, you can find this out and a whole lot more at this detailed site from Ask Jeeves and the Evergreen Project.

Ocean Planet: The Smithsonian
From 1995 to 1996, the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History had a huge exhibit about the ocean. This website is what remains. It's a little complicated to navigate. But there's an abundance of information about everything from marine life to the ocean as an ecosystem.

Vancouver Aquarium's Marine Science Center
Having a pressing question you want to ask a scientist? This site has on-staff scientists who answer questions about the ocean. There's also an archive of over 550 questions other kids already asked.

American Cetacean Society
Lots of info on whales, dolphins, and porpoises, including fact sheets and lots of links.

Enchanted Learning: Whales
Get the facts on whales at this easy-to-use website. Print out whale fact sheets or just read them online.