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Here's another student with a similar situation.



The Last Act

It's too late for some. Bullying can kill. People die. A split-second action on the school bus, anger, a push, a shove, a fall and it's all over. It's too late for Josh, but the bully that killed him is trying to make a difference in other ways.

Pick a solution and find out what happens.

The bully now talks to other students as part of his rehabilitation program. He wants his message to be about putting oneself in the victim's shoes. Think about if you were the victim.


The bully's rehabilitation includes talking to school officials. He wants to tell teachers and other adults about what happens when they aren't around. He can let them know how violence can erupt on the school bus, after school on the athletic fields, and in the bathrooms.

The bully knows he can't turn back the clock but maybe he can help others. He and his counselor plan to have him meet with students in alternative high schools with students who have gotten in trouble for bullying and violence.