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Here's another student with a similar situation.



School is Like a Prison

All the kids know what is happening. School, to Jared, is a nightmare. He is worn out and can not ask his parents to help as he did when he was younger. Nowhere to turn...what should he do?

Pick a solution and find out what happens.

Jared wants to let adults know what is happening. He asks his teacher if he can use a video for a class project on news reporting. Jared has a plan to tape the violence and show what is really happening at school.


Jared gives up. Instead of going to school, he finds excuses to stay at home. He pretends to go to school, but then return home after his parents have gone to work.
Jared can't take it anymore. Although all of the kids know about the bullying, no one will help. He has a plan to fight back.