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Here's another student with a similar situation.



Can't Look the Other Way

Felicia's friend Tony is being bullied. She sees the teasing daily. She is afraid to do something, yet she knows the situation for her friend is getting worse. Can she risk getting involved?

Pick a solution and find out what happens.

Felicia cares but is scared to do anything. She decides it might be safer to tell her other friends so they could try to warn Tony when they hear things about him. Felicia thinks if more kids know what is happening, Tony would be safer.


Felicia can talk to an adult, a teacher at school, a coach, or maybe her mom. She is afraid of being called a "snitch," but feels she cannot help Tony all by herself.
Felicia decides to do nothing. She talks to Tony and shows some empathy. It's hard for her to step out and do more. Felicia is afraid of going from being a witness to a victim of bullying herself.