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The following system specifications are recommended in order to run the Geo Game successfully and enjoy all its features. Some tips are also provided that may enhance the game’s performance on your computer.

System Requirements

  • Netscape Navigator 3.0 or later

  • Minimum 16 MB of RAM, 32 MB or more preferred

    NOTE: If you have less than 16 MB of real RAM, you can still play the game by turning on virtual memory:

  • Virtual memory is the default setting in Windows. However, to check this go to the Control Panels directory and choose System. Click on the Performance tab and choose Virtual Memory. Check to see that “Let Windows manage my virtual memory settings” is selected.

  • To turn on virtual memory on a Macintosh, select Control Panels from your apple menu, and choose the Memory control panel. Turn virtual memory on and designate enough space so that your RAM and virtual memory totals at least 32 MB.


  • Before playing the game, close all other applications and clear your cache.
    To clear cache in Netscape select Network Preferences from the Options Menu bar, click on the Cache button, and hit the two buttons that read Clear Disk Cache Now and Clear Memory Cache Now. On this same page increase the size of your cache.

  • If your computer starts to bog down during the game, try clearing your cache again. Your browser’s cache may fill up as you play through a number of different countries.

  • Check to see that Java is enabled in your browser.
    To do this in Netscape, choose Network Preferences from the Options Menu bar, click on the Languages button, and select Enable Java.

  • Maximize screen before playing. If you resize during the game, it will restart the game.

  • Hitting the “back” button during the game will return you to the homepage. The back button will not take you to a previous clue or map within the game.

  • If you are experiencing problems such as lockups or empty screens, shut down your computer, wait 30 seconds, and start it back up.
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