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Bust a Rhyme
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Listen to the Galapagos rap song. All you need is the freeRealPlayer. You can evenprintthe lyrics and read or sing along.
We have a creature feature, and the spies are those
who live out there in the Galapagos.

Like a midwater squid and deep sea medusa,
also known as?Colobonima.

Bat fish and frigate birds, penguin and seals,
lava lizards, fish eyes and eels.

Iguanas in the sea, iguanas on the land,
giant domed tortoises getting a tan.

The long snout hawk fish in all his glory,
the short snout hawk fish?that?s another story.

Bioluminescent organisms,
a blue-footed booby?keep up the rhythm!

Sea lions, scorpion fish,
whale sharks, telescope fish.

Octopuses and barracuda,
a sea cucumber?that?sPolagathuria.

Manta rays and a swallow tail gull,
those Galapagos Islands sure aren?t dull.

So to see these things up real close,
you got to go to the Galapagos!

  Blue-footed boobies dive for fish from heights of 50 feet or more. Air sacs in their skulls act as cushions to prevent injury when they hit the water.  

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