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Web Links & Resources
Listed here is a variety of resources to enhance your use of this program, includingInternet links,related products, andsuggested readingsfrom our professional reference librarian at the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC).

  Alexandria: Solving Mysteries of Antiquity
This is the official site of Franck Goddio?s organization, the Society for Underwater Exploration. It includes the historical background of the Alexandria expedition, as well as the ship?s log, information on recent excavations, and even postcards you can print out and send to friends.

Raising the Lost City of Cleopatra
This Discovery Channel online guide details some of the major finds currently being studied from Franck Goddio?s fall 1998 search efforts.

Underwater Museum Planned to Showcase Cleopatra?s City
Bring the people to the museum?or the museum to the people? Read about the proposals currently being studied in Egypt to build an underwater museum at Alexandria.

House of Ptolemy
Maps, bibliographies, history, and museums are just a few things that you can locate on this page. This information supercenter on the Ptolemaic Dynasty will provide you with a wide array of facts about Ptolemaic to present-day Egypt.

Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh
Learn about the rise of the Roman Empire and the effect that it had on and Mark Antony and Cleopatra?s life and why the pharaonic age ended with Cleopatra.

Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt
Here is an art and artifact exhibit on the different roles that women played in ancient Egypt. If you have any questions concerning gender in the ancient world, you should definitely pay a visit to this page.

Egypt Search
From religion to science, this site makes it possible for you to find anything that you need related to Egypt?past and present. If you can?t find what you?re looking for here, then it probably doesn?t exist!

Egypt and Ancient Near East?Web Resources for Young People and Teachers
Whatever your age, you can find some useful information on this site. This list of museums has resources and cyber-tours of Egypt, as well as some interesting ideas for teachers.

The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology?University of Memphis
Take a tour of the ancient artifacts and archaeology here. Then follow the Nile River through Egypt, making stops at lots of sites along the way, including Giza and Abu Simbel.

Tour Egypt
Whether you want to find out about Egypt?s animals, vacation spots, or ancient attractions, this site has you covered. And if you want to learn about the underwater life in Egypt, head to the Red Sea Virtual Diving Center for a tour of the sea floor.

Books and Articles
  Alexandria: The Sunken City by William La Riche, photographs by Stephane Compoint (Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1997)

Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare (Bantam Classics, 1988)

Cleopatra (First Books-Ancient Biographies Series) by Robert Green (Franklin Watts, 1996) (grades 3-8)

Cleopatra: Goddess of Egypt, Enemy of Rome by Polly Schoyer Brooks (HarperCollins, 1995) (young adult)

Cleopatra?s Palace: The Search for the Real Queen of the Nile by Laura Foreman and Franck Goddio (Random House, March, 1999)

?Down Among the Sewage: Cleopatra?s Storied City?by Douglas Jehl (New York Times,October 29, 1997)
An interesting juxtaposition of the foul and the majestic is revealed in this account of archaeologists? discovery of artifacts beneath Alexandria?s Harbor from a residence that once belonged to ancient Egyptian rulers, including Cleopatra.

?Cleopatra: What Kind of Woman Was She, Anyway??by Barbara Holland (Smithsonian,February 1997)
In its coverage of the most currently available biographical information about her, this article presents the variety of extant accounts of Cleopatra?s ethnic status and influence, and the truths and untruths of her historical and artistic images.

  Akhenaten: The Rebel Pharaoh
Meet the man born Amenhotep IV, who changed his name to Akhenaten to signify his sole allegiance to Aten, forsaking Egypt?s traditional pantheon. See how his monotheism shook the country, and view the dramatic artistic results of his slogan ?Living in Truth.?

Conquerors: Alexander the Great
Alexander the Great?s triumphs over the Persian and Egyptian empires are some of the most spectacular campaigns of conquest in history. But what inner conflicts drove this great military leader? Follow the story of a man who assumed power at age 22 and died at 33.

Discover Magazine: Mummies
Discover a South American culture that began mummifying their dead thousands of years before the Egyptians. Then travel to Bolivia, where archaeologists and astronomers alike have been puzzled for centuries by the structural remains of a lost city in the Andes.

Hatshepsut: The Queen Who Would Be King
Learn how Hatshepsut overturned a thousand years of Egyptian tradition to become the first woman pharaoh. Study the amazing accomplishments of her reign, particularly the building campaigns, and see how ancient and modern prejudices conspired to withhold her credit.

The Mystery of Tutankhamen
There was more to this boy king than his burial treasure. He had to contend with the legacy of his father, Akhenaten, and he restored Egypt?s old religious order. But his untimely death leads some to ask: Was there a murderer lurking in the court of Tutankhamen?

Nile: Passage to Egypt CD-ROM
Beautiful graphics offer an immersing journey along the Nile, making this CD-ROM popular with both kids and adults. You can study many of the historical and cultural events of Egypt; there is also a journal feature that kids can use for assignments.

Ramses the Great
Ramses built more monuments and fathered more children than any other pharaoh. Relive his crowning moment?his legendary standoff with superior Hittite forces at Kadesh?and his one possible loss, against Moses and the God of the Israelites in the biblical exodus.

Seven Wonders of the World: Magic Metropolis
Standing over 300 feet tall, Alexander the Great?s Lighthouse in Alexandria was the tallest structure of its time. Discover the answers to questions that have baffled archaeologists for centuries?how was it built, what did it look like? ?through excavations that bring the ancient world to life.

Sneferu: King of the Pyramids
Sneferu was the king who made Egypt an international power, and his sons built the pyramids at Giza. Learn why mummification and pyramid building became important burial rituals and how Sneferu solved the engineering problems of earlier pyramid efforts.

TLC Elementary School: Ancient Egypt
Travel back to the world of pharaohs, sphinxes, pyramids, and hieroglyphics in this three-segment video.

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