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Students who participate in the activities inCleopatra?s Palace: In Search of a Legendwill:
  • Learn how exciting new technologies have made possible an unprecedented underwater expedition in Egypt.
  • Discover fascinating figures from Egypt and the Roman Empire who lived and ruled in the very areas now being rediscovered.
  • Use research, writing, and multimedia presentation skills in activities designed to blend an understanding of ancient history with an appreciation of new discoveries.

3-5 Activity The Underwater Museum
    The Underwater Museum/Academic Standards
(grades 3-5, with suggestions to adapt for older students)
The purpose of this activity is to have students combine research and presentation skills in a creative, collaborative context. After reading the proposal of Egypt?s Supreme Council of Antiquities, they investigate the possibility of building an underwater museum to house the archaeological discoveries at Alexandria. In so doing, they will learn the history behind some of the fascinating artifacts being uncovered there and their connection to Cleopatra?s life.

6-8 Activity Cleopatra's World
    Cleopatra?s World/Academic Standards
(grades 6-8; informative and enjoyable for younger and older students too)
This richly illustrated interactive game introduces students to the cast of characters and fascinating landmarks that shaped Cleopatra?s ancient world. As students click their way through challenging questions and answers, they?ll come to understand the importance of the artifacts from Cleopatra?s world in Alexandria and see how they fit into the history and culture of her era. At each level of the game, when students answer the questions correctly, they are rewarded with links to Egyptian music and video and additional Web sites and resources of interest.

If your class is not currently studying ancient civilizations, you may want to brush up on the various Egyptian and Roman family trees and military/political alliances from Cleopatra?s era. The following Web sites are helpful:

House of Ptolemy

Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh

9-12 Activity The Ancient Times
    The Ancient Times /Academic Standards
(grades 9-12, with suggestions to adapt for younger students)
In this activity, students take on the role of journalists and go back in time to the year 30 B.C., at the time of Cleopatra?s demise. They will create a special edition ofThe Ancient Times,a newspaper that reflects on Cleopatra?s life, accomplishments, and impact on society in her era. In this activity, students will:
  • Do research on Cleopatra?s fascinating and colorful life.
  • Utilize the inverted-pyramid structure of news writing for their newspaper stories.
  • Collaborate as a "staff" to produce a well-written and attractively illustrated publication in hard copy or online format.

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