English Kings and Democracy

Mr. Ingerson

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  1. This English monarch removed the Pope's authority from England (the created his own church):
  2. Your answer:
    James I
    Charles I
    Edward VI
    Henry VIII

  3. This English monarch was tried and executed by Parliament
  4. Your answer:
    Charles I
    Charles II
    Bloody Mary
    James II

  5. Which of the following is NOT true about English common law?
  6. Your answer:
    it protected property rights
    it applied to everyone
    monarchs could ignore it
    it protected jury trial

  7. The foundations of English freedoms included all of the following EXCEPT
  8. Your answer:
    political parties
    jury trail
    common law
    Magna Carta

  9. "The Restoration" refers to the event when
  10. Your answer:
    the English Bill of Rights was passed
    Parliament re-established the jury trial after Charles I
    William and Mary came to the throne
    Charles II replaced Oliver Cromwell

  11. He was the only military dictator in England's history
  12. Your answer:
    Winston Churchill
    Francis Drake
    Frederick the Great
    Oliver Cromwell

  13. Political democracy rests on the principle that government derives power from the
  14. Your answer:
    consent of the governed
    divine right
    centrialization of power

  15. Which of the following is NOT a way Parliament showed it was the supreme power in England
  16. Your answer:
    William and Mary coming to the throne
    trial of Charles I
    restoration of Charles II
    the spread of the Anglican Church

  17. Henry VIII was mad at the Pope for
  18. Your answer:
    not recognizing Martin Luther
    selling indulgences
    not letting him get a divorce
    appointing Italians to Church positions

  19. This English monarch was known for burning Protestants at the stake
  20. Your answer:
    Charles I
    James II
    Mary I
    Elizabeth I

  21. The Glorious Revolution was "glorious" because
  22. Your answer:
    James II was put on trial and executed
    A king was dethroned without bloodshed
    the revolution only lasted three years
    the monarchy was restored to power

  23. This English monarch knighted Francis Drake for his circumnativigation, pirating of Spanish ships, and defeat of the Spanish Armada (1588):
  24. Your answer:
    Elizabeth I
    James I
    Mary I
    Charles I

  25. This English King executed Oliver Cromwell's ancestor for arranging a marriage with a woman who "looked like a horse"
  26. Your answer:
    Henry VIII
    Charles I
    John I
    Edward VI

  27. This English monarch spread the Anglican church throughout the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland)
  28. Your answer:
    Mary I
    Charles II
    James II
    Elizabeth I

  29. The Glorious Revolution led to all of the following EXCEPT
  30. Your answer:
    Constitutional monarchy
    English Bill of Rights
    Increase of parliamentary power over royal power
    restoration of Charles II

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