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  1. Which statement is NOT true regarding the Catholic Church c. 1500
  2. Your answer:
    its sale of indulgences was widespread
    It had little competition in religious thought
    Germans and English dislike Italian domination of it
    It was tolerant of opposing views and opinions

  3. The Protestant Reformation led directly to
  4. Your answer:
    the ending of the use of usury
    widespread agreement about church beliefs
    the Pope reforming the church
    the birth of new churches and widespread conflict

  5. Martin Luther showed his anger at the Catholic Church by
  6. Your answer:
    nailing up the 95 Theses
    burning books by the Pope
    forming the Inquisition
    starting the 30 Years' War

  7. Which of the following is NOT a belief held by Martin Luther
  8. Your answer:
    All humans are equal before God
    Salvation is by faith alone
    The Bible is the ultimate authority
    Usury should be banned as a sin

  9. Which person is best associated with the belief "predestination"
  10. Your answer:
    Desiderius Erasmus
    Martin Luther
    John Calvin
    Henry VIII

  11. Which of the following did NOT aid in the expansion of the Protestant churches?
  12. Your answer:
    Henry VIII
    John Calvin
    The Hapsburgs
    Elizabeth I

  13. Merchants often challenged the Catholic Church's view on
  14. Your answer:

  15. Martin Luther was the most outraged over the Church's
  16. Your answer:
    position on usury
    the sale of indulgences
    views on art and literature
    its appointment of Italians

  17. Henry VIII left the Catholic Church over
  18. Your answer:
    The Pope's attempt to sell his English lands
    The Pope not granting him a divorce
    The Pope's position on salvation
    The Pope's sale of indulgences

  19. Which of the following is NOT an action of King Henry VIII?
  20. Your answer:
    He dismissed the authority of the Pope in Rome
    He granted religious freedom to England
    He sold the Church's land in England
    He started the Anglican Church

  21. Under Elizabeth I, which church becomes the national church of the British Isles?
  22. Your answer:

  23. The Edict of Nantes is critical in that it
  24. Your answer:
    ended the 30 Years' War in favor of Protestantism
    outlawed Protestantism in France
    granted religious freedom to the Huguenots
    gave the Hapsburgs a clear victory over Protestants

  25. The Hapsburg family were strong supporters of the
  26. Your answer:
    Lutheran Church in the Holy Roman Empire
    Calvinst Church in France
    Catholic Church in France
    Catholic Church in the Holy Roman Empire

  27. Conflict between Protestants and Catholics resulted in the devastating
  28. Your answer:
    Edict of Nantes
    Magna Carta
    Thirty Years' War
    Hundred Years' War

  29. The Huguenots were
  30. Your answer:
    strong supporters of the Roman Catholic Church
    followers of the Anglican Church
    heretics burned by Queen Mary I
    French Protestants (Calvinsts)

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